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Business partner/legal form
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Name Name of a concept, e.g. a data model concept. In contrast to terms, the name does not depend on a given context, e.g. a country-specific language. Legal Form
Description Informal and comprehensive human-readable definition of a concept. The legal form of a business partner/type/legal entity is the form it takes in the eyes of the law governing it. The legal form of a company is the general type it may legally use to identify itself according to the local, regional, national, or international law governing it. This is normally reflected in the ending abbreviation after the company's name (e.g. AG, Inc., LLC, S.A.).
Example A simple example supporting the understanding of a concept, business rule, etc. no example available
Part of Hierarchical relation between two concepts of the CDQ Data Model. Data source CDQ.POOL
Technical key Defines a unique key by which e.g. data model concepts can be referenced in a technical integration context. These keys are unique in the CDL context. LEGAL_FORM
Parent concept Hierarchical relation between two concepts of a data model, e.g., the CDQ Data Model. Business Partner (CDQ.POOL)
Cardinality Cardinality of data model concepts.<br/><code>ZERO_OR_ONE</code>: Optional, but max. 1 instance related to its parent.<br/><code>EXACTLY_ONE</code>: Exactly 1 instance related to its parent.<br/><code>ZERO_OR_MORE</code>: Optional, multiple instances related to its parent may exist.<br/><code>ONE_OR_MORE</code>: Mandatory, multiple instances related to its parent may exist. ZERO_OR_ONE
Data type Data type of a data model concept, i.e., <code>ARRAY</code>, <code>BOOLEAN</code>, <code>DATE</code>, <code>ENUM</code>, <code>INTEGER</code>, <code>OBJECT</code>, or <code>STRING</code>. n/a
Concept type Complex data type of a data model concept, defined by another data model concept. Allows re-use of data type concepts, e.g. for several address types in a data model. SELF
Path JSON Path to identify attributes in a data item. businessPartner.legalForm
Concept role The role of a Category:Data model concept in the tree structure of a data model.<br/><code>ROOT</code>: Root concept in a data model, i.e., no parent concepts.<br/><code>NODE</code>: Structure concepts in a data model, i.e., parent and child concepts.<br/><code>LEAF</code>: Leaf concept in a data model, i.e., no child concepts, provides the effective data values.<br/> NODE

mapping source: tipo_societario (AR.NRC), mapping: AR.NRC tipo_societarioLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: legalForm (AT.CR), mapping: AT.CR legalFormLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: entityDescription (AU.BR), mapping: AU.BR entityType_entityDescriptionLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: cod_nat_juridica (BR.RF), mapping: BR.RF cod_nat_juridicaLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: legalForm (CH.UIDR), mapping: CH.UIDR legalFormLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: dnbCode (DNB), mapping: DNB LEGAL_FORM
mapping source: categorieJuridiqueUniteLegale (FR.RC), mapping: FR.RC uniteLegale_categorieJuridiqueUniteLegaleLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: CompanyCategory (GB-EAW.CR), mapping: GB-EAW.CR CompanyCategoryLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: compTypeDesc (IE.CR), mapping: IE.CR compTypeDescLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: kind (JP.CR), mapping: JP.CR kindLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: type (LV.CR), mapping: LV.CR typeLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: legalForm (NL.BR), mapping: NL.BR legalFormLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: kode (NO.RBE), mapping: NO.RBE organisasjonsform_kodeLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: CompanyLegalFormCode (SAP.ODM), mapping: SAP.ODM codeLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: company_type_description (SG.BR), mapping: SG.BR company_type_descriptionLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: CORPTYPE (US-AK.BER), mapping: US-AK.BER corporationTypeLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: entitytype (US-CO.BER), mapping: US-CO.BER entitytypeLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: COR_FILING_TYPE (US-FL.BER), mapping: US-FL.BER corporationFilingTypeLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: Corporation Type (US-IO.BER), mapping: US-IO.BER corporationTypeLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: entity_type (US-NY.BER), mapping: US-NY.BER entity_typeLEGAL_FORM
mapping source: entity_type (US-OR.BER), mapping: US-OR.BER entityTypeLEGAL_FORM

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