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API/Data Exchange API
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Name Name of a concept, e.g. a data model concept. In contrast to terms, the name does not depend on a given context, e.g. a country-specific language. Data Exchange API
Short description Informal and short human-readable definition of a concept. Services to upload, manipulate, and download businesspartner data in the CDL Cloud.
Description Informal and comprehensive human-readable definition of a concept. missing
Technical key Defines a unique key by which e.g. data model concepts can be referenced in a technical integration context. These keys are unique in the CDL context. API_DATA_EXCHANGE
API Documentation
WSDL Download 0#/rest/guides/soap-reference
Invokes ML model(s) Does not invoke any ML model yet

API endpoints

This is just a selection of endpoints, most relevant ones from business perspective, without version information or other details. For a complete technical documentation of the endpoints, please go to the technical API documentation.

EndpointTechnical KeyDocumentation
Clear StorageDATA_EXCHANGE_API_POST_STORAGES_STORAGEID_CLEAR 0#/rest/api-endpoints/business-partner-storages/clear-storage
Delete Business PartnersDATA_EXCHANGE_API_POST_STORAGES_STORAGEID_BUSINESSPARTNERS_DELETE 0#/rest/api-endpoints/business-partners/delete-business-partners
Delete a Data SourceDATA_EXCHANGE_API_DELETE_STORAGES_STORAGEID_DATASOURCES_DATASOURCEID 0#/rest/api-endpoints/business-partner-storages/delete-a-data-source
Lookup Business PartnerDATA_EXCHANGE_API_POST_STORAGES_STORAGEID_BUSINESSPARTNERS_LOOKUP 0#/rest/api-endpoints/business-partners/lookup-business-partner
Read Business PartnerDATA_EXCHANGE_API_GET_STORAGES_STORAGEID_BUSINESSPARTNERS_ID 0#/rest/api-endpoints/business-partners/read-business-partner
Read Business Partner UpdatesDATA_EXCHANGE_API_GET_STORAGES_STORAGEID_BUSINESSPARTNERS 0#/rest/api-endpoints/business-partners/read-business-partner-updates
Read Business PartnersDATA_EXCHANGE_API_GET_STORAGES_STORAGEID_BUSINESSPARTNERS 0#/rest/api-endpoints/business-partners/read-business-partners
Read DNB RecordsDATA_EXCHANGE_API_GET_DNBSTORAGES_DNBRECORDS 0#/rest/api-endpoints/dnb-storages/read-dnb-records
Start DNB Import JobDATA_EXCHANGE_API_POST_JOBS_DNBIMPORTJOBS 0#/rest/api-endpoints/dnb-storages/start-dnb-import-job
Start Import JobDATA_EXCHANGE_API_POST_JOBS_IMPORTJOBS 0#/rest/api-endpoints/data-import/start-import-job
Upsert Business PartnersDATA_EXCHANGE_API_PUT_STORAGES_STORAGEID_BUSINESSPARTNERS 0#/rest/api-endpoints/business-partners/upsert-business-partners

API feature toggles

No feature flags documented

Use cases

Use caseShort Description
Dun & Bradstreet DUNS record linkage and CMPELK retrievalSequence of activities for enriching DUNS numbers which then allow for later retrieval of CMPELK data from D&B or setting up update monitoring via D&B
Enrich DUNS Information from Dun & BradstreetSequence of activities for enriching DUNS numbers and retrieval of CMPELK data from D&B, in batch and workflow mode.
Monitor Business Partner UpdatesSequence of activities for retrieving updates from a defined set of connected data sources and browsing & analyzing them
Monitor Business Partner Updates enabled by Dun & BradstreetSequence of activities for activating update monitoring via D&B and retrieving regular updates
Setup and Synchronize a Data MirrorSequence of activities for setting up a data mirror and continuously synchronization with the local source system
Share Business Partner DataSequence of activities for sharing business partner data with the CDQ Community Data Pool and monitor updates and statistics