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GLEIF registration authority code  RA000444
Local registration authority code Code of the local registration authority. n/a
Description Informal and comprehensive human-readable definition of a concept. No description available.
Name Name of a concept, e.g. a data model concept. In contrast to terms, the name does not depend on a given context, e.g. a country-specific language. Marshall Islands Maritime and Corporate Administrators
International name Defines the name of a concept in English with Latin characters, e.g. if the major name of a concept is defined in a local language. Marshall Islands Maritime and Corporate Administrators
Country scope Defines a address/country a given concept is used in (or valid in, or relevant for etc.), i.e. the country-specific scope of a concept. MH (Marshallinseln, Marshall Islands, Marshall, Aelōn̄ in M̧ajeļ, 馬紹爾群島)
Jurisdiction The authority of an official organization to make decisions and judgments in a particular adimistrative area. Marshall Islands
URL URL that provides more information for a given concept.
Data source  n/a