US (Vereinigte Staaten, United States of America, États-Unis d'Amérique, 美国)

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ISO code A standardized code according to an ISO standard, e.g. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 for regions. US
Monolingual name Language-specific name of a data model concept or concept value. Vereinigte Staaten (de), United States of America (en), États-Unis d'Amérique (fr), 美国 (zh)
Alternative name Language-specific alternative, i.e. non-official, name of a data model concept, property, or property value. United States (en)
Official language The offical langauge of a country. en
Other language Language used in a country, beside administrative languages. fr
ISO status Status of the name assignment according to ISO standard. officially-assigned
Part of Hierarchical relation between two concepts of the CDQ Data Model. CDQ Data Model
Parent concept Hierarchical relation between two concepts of a data model, e.g., the CDQ Data Model. Country Short Name (CDQ.POOL)
Part of  North America