Falsified Invoice (CDQ.POOL)

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Fraud case/type/falsified invoice
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Name Name of a concept, e.g. a data model concept. In contrast to terms, the name does not depend on a given context, e.g. a country-specific language. Falsified Invoice
Monolingual name Language-specific name of a data model concept or concept value.
Description Informal and comprehensive human-readable definition of a concept. A falsified invoice warning informs about an invoice from a real supplier with falsified bank account information. Such a warning comprises the business partner/name and the bank account of a business partner which are used for the attack. There are attacks where the hackers have not only forged an invoice but also have captured email accounts or phone systems of the supplier in parallel to confirm potential requests.
Part of Hierarchical relation between two concepts of the CDQ Data Model. Data source CDQ.POOL
Technical key Defines a unique key by which e.g. data model concepts can be referenced in a technical integration context. These keys are unique in the CDL context. FALSIFIED_INVOICE
Parent concept Hierarchical relation between two concepts of a data model, e.g., the CDQ Data Model. Fraud Case Type (CDQ.POOL)