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Part of Hierarchical relation between two concepts of the CDQ Data Model. Data source CA.CR
Mapping type Type of a data model mapping, e.g., to differentiate in lists.<br/><code>BUSINESS_PARTNER</code>: Mapping to business partner concepts of the CDQ Data Model.<br/><code>ADDRESS</code>: Mapping to address concepts of the CDQ Data Model.<br/><code>VALUE</code>: Mapping to data model values of the CDQ Data Model.<br/> BUSINESS_PARTNER
Mapping source The source of a data model mapping. name (CA.CR)
Mapping source constant Constant value to map to given target. n/a
Mapping list index 1-based index in a list of concepts, e.g. multiple addresses of a business partner. 1
Delimiter A character separating two or more mapping source values in the process of mapping data sources to CDQ data model. A delimiter is used in a case when two or more source values should be concatenated in order to obtain a final value that can be mapped to a CDQ model target concept. n/a
Mapping target The target of a data model mapping. Business Partner Name Value (CDQ.POOL)
Mapping target type The type of a target concept of a data model mapping. Business partner/name/type/legal name
Target types technical key Technical key of the target property value of a data model mapping. REGISTERED Registered Address (), Registered Name ()
Mapping target path Alternative path of a mapping target. businessPartner.names[0].value
Mapping selection type Concatenates (or selects one of) several target concepts, properties, or property values. The following concatenations can be used: <br/><code>SPACE</code>: Concatenates all given fields by a space, <code> </code>.<br/><code>XOR</code>: Selects the first non-empty value, in the order of given target fields.<br/> n/a
Mapping splitter Splits a given data value from a concept, property, or property value with a certain logic. The following splitters can be used: <br/><code>CHAR_<num></code>: Splits the given string after a certain number of characters. The number of characters can be defined by <code>num</code>.<br/><code>WORD_<num></code>: Splits the given string after a certain number of characters, but respects word boundaries (spaces, punctuation, etc.), i.e. does not split within a word but puts the entire word into the subsequent target field. The max number of characters can be defined by <code>num</code>.<br/> n/a
Country scope Defines a address/country a given concept is used in (or valid in, or relevant for etc.), i.e. the country-specific scope of a concept. WORLD (World)
Mapping transformation A Wiki page link to the actual data model transformation. n/a