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Corporate Data League (CDL)[edit]

Business partner data management is heavily redundant: Many companies manage data for the same entities such as country names and codes, bill-to, ship-to, and ordering addresses, or legal hierarchies of customers and suppliers. For this reason, the CC CDQ is setting up a trusted network of user companies for sharing such data: The Corporate Data League (CDL). Get a brief overview...

In this CDQ, we provide information about

  • Data model: Structures, definitions, business rules.
  • Web services: Documentation and examples.
  • Reference data: Lists of e.g. 316 countries and 948 legal forms. Read more...
  • Web application: Web application to evaluate CDL functionality. Read more...
  • Getting integration started: Technical integration guideline.


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CTI Funding[edit]

Commission for Technology and Innovation

The Corporate Data League (CDL) was started from a research and development project that was funded by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) in 2014. In another running research project, the CDL team elaborates new ways for data validation with business rules together with researches from the Institute of Information Management at the University of St. Gallen. Also these activities are funded by the CTI until June 2016.

Data Model[edit]

A common understanding of shared data is a mandatory prerequisite for cross-corporate data management. For the Corporate Data League, the CDL data model specifies this common understanding. Currently, the following 0 attributes are documented. Read more...

Business Rules[edit]

To ensure data quality, 2141 business rules are defined. The following rules are currently implemented using semantic web technology:

Business RuleDefinition
Address is inactive (France)
Address qualification failed (CNPJ number (Brazil))
Address qualification failed (SIRET number (France))
Business partner is inactive (Belgium)
Business partner is inactive (France)
... further results

Web Services[edit]

From an integration perspective, CDL web services are the most important component of the CDL infrastructure. They provide the technical link between your business applications and the CDL cloud services. We follow the REST design principle for web services which allows for lightweight interface design and easy integration. Of course, all web services are also available at WSDL interfaces. Currently, we provide the following 0 web services. Read more...

Reference Data[edit]

The Corporate Data League uses a collaboratively managed reference data repository for data validation. Currently,

are maintained.

Web Application[edit]

The CDL web application provides access to all functionality of the CDL cloud infrastructure such as

Enjoy testing, and please let us know about your feedback!