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Storage Manager allows the generation of data dumps (19 April 2021)

The Data Storage Manager now allows for downloading storages.

Lookup by global identifiers such as DUNS and the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) (16 April 2021)

The Single Business Partner Lookup now allows for just searching with country and global identifiers such as the DUNS and the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). This removes the restriction on being able to just make use of local identifiers (e.g. domestic company registration numbers) in the context of the App.

Batch lookup of bank account trust scores (15 April 2021)

Enables a batch bank account lookup in the CDQ Community Bank Data Pool and the retrieval of the bank account's trust score. The results are provided in form of an excel report. The lookup result contains no information in case the respective bank account is not contained in the database. If the bank account is maintained then the result contains information about the bank account trust score, payment information, bank account details as well as the bank account owner information.