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Natural person name replacement in accordance with GDPR regulations. (18 November 2021)

To ensure GDPR compliance for bank account holders we replace natural person name in the bank account data with "Natural Person".

Catena-X sharing pool launched! (18 November 2021)

We are happy to announce that the Catena-X sharing pool MVP is launched on the CDQ platform. Catena-X is using an analog approach for sharing data as we have it already for our regular members. In a first step the pool was filled with the initial scope of data and some basic pool monitoring features have been implemented. Furthermore, Catena-X members are able to search the pool with their own established identifier named BPN.

Catena X is the automotive network of companies like BMW, Daimler or Schaeffler created for increasing the automotive industry’s competitiveness, improving efficiency through industry-specific cooperation, and accelerating company processes through standardization and access to information and data.

Geographic coordinates provenance available in Golden Record (10 November 2021)

Few months ago we introduced the provenances of enrichment in Golden Record - see
Initial version contained information about provenances of: names, identifiers, legal forms, addressess, status and categories.

From now on also provenance of geographic coordinates are available in Golden Record.