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Business Partner Lookup: Configurable search result limitation (21 July 2021)

The business partner lookup allows now to configure the maximum number of returned results. The former hard limit of 10 results is now the default value. The result size can be extended or limited from 1 up to 100 results.

Data Sharing Quality Gate: New Data Quality Rules (20 July 2021)

For ensuring a high data quality in the CDQ Community Data Pool a strong Data Sharing Quality Gate is required. The standard data quality ruleset was extended by the following rules:







Czech Republic

Upload of empty attributes in regular storages enabled (19 July 2021)

Per default if during a storage upload any attribute is detected with no values, the attribute is not stored in the storage. The newly introduced feature “accept_empty_values”, does no longer delete attributes with no values but enforces the storage. The feature has been introduced in the storage management app as well as in the data mirror management app.