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Last workspace used remembered at the next login. (11 May 2022)

In the past, some of the users were struggling to choose the appropriate workspace after logging in, which could lead to making changes in the wrong workspace.

In order to address that, we have implemented a logic that “remembers” the last used workspace - once a user logs in again, the last used workspace is already selected.

This should help users working on multiple workspaces.

New Dashboard available in Cloud Apps (11 May 2022)

Another 'big brother' dashboard is here – this time within the area of fraud prevention. The Risk & Compliance Dashboard contains bank data and fraud case information. Thanks to a great collaboration and dynamic, the DA Team completed the pipeline, a prototype and full implementation within 3,5 weeks. Within the new dashboard, a 'Benchmarking' section is implemented that contains an interactive chart with averages to easily compare organisations.

Full names of identifier types available in Cloud Apps (29 April 2022)

Recently we made a small improvement in applications with forms that contains identifier types selection drop-down.
Currently, after selecting a country name, all identifier types related to the country, are listed with their full names, which will be more readable and user-friendly.