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Release date Date and time when a concept, e.g. a data quality rule, is released, i.e. when the status changes to <code>RELEASED</code>. 2022-06-13
Feature Affected feature(s) Batch Address Curation, Batch Business Partner Curation, Batch Bank Trust Score Check, Batch Data Validation, Batch Overlap Check, Batch Sanction and Watchlist Lookup
Idea portal Ideas that have been introduced with the release no idea entry directly linked with this release note

Browsing reports in batch applications improved

Today we have released an improvement in all our batch applications. This feature was awaited for some time by our users and will definitelly help browsing reports generated in the apps.
So far after selecting a storage all report jobs were listed below batch jobs section, so it was quite difficult to find a report corresponding to a particular job.
Now when a job is selected then only report jobs associated to this job will be shown.

It's a small change, but we hope it will make batch applications more user-friendly.