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Country drop down
Release date Date and time when a concept, e.g. a data quality rule, is released, i.e. when the status changes to <code>RELEASED</code>. 2022-05-12
Feature Affected feature(s) Data Storage Manager, Batch Overlap Check, Batch Sanction and Watchlist Lookup, Batch Bank Trust Score Check
Idea portal Ideas that have been introduced with the release

Country drop downs reflect actual list of countries

A lot of the configuration options (e.g. Generate Data Dump, Validation Configuration, etc) allow to select a specific country (or multiple countries).

However, using this feature was impractical because we were displaying all of the countries in the list, even if we didn't have any records for a particular country.

As of now, the country drop down lists are adjusted accordingly - we only countries if there are any records available.