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Release date Date and time when a concept, e.g. a data quality rule, is released, i.e. when the status changes to <code>RELEASED</code>. 2021-11-19
Feature Affected feature(s) Data Storage Manager, Customizable Inbound Mappings and Transformations
Idea portal Ideas that have been introduced with the release no idea entry directly linked with this release note

Improvement of the CDQ cloud apps user experience

Except for big features delivered by CDQ, there are many small improvements added on a daily basis to increase the satisfaction of using our services.

  • One of the most important topics last week was removing of automatic redirection of users to the unauthorized page from Cloud APPs. This unexpected behavior was very random, but we identified the problems and fixed them.
  • For customers using for example address versions we are happy to inform that from now on mappings containing „value mappings” can be added also via the APPs (see e.g. here). Previously this option was possible only by using the API.
  • Another improvement provided in the last few days is the possibility to add more than 5 identifiers to a single business partner. Companies usually have fewer registration/tax numbers, but for this rare situation, this upgrade will solve the problem of mapping all needed data.