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Edition of the fraud case.PNG
Release date Date and time when a concept, e.g. a data quality rule, is released, i.e. when the status changes to <code>RELEASED</code>. 2021-08-27
Feature Affected feature(s) Fraud Case Browser
Idea portal Ideas that have been introduced with the release no idea entry directly linked with this release note

Edition of the fraud case available in the APPs

This is another improvement in the Fraud APPs area. Since today all cases added by your organization could be modify using APP. There are possible to change all added and empty fields. Additionally, there is an option to send alerts to the community, if you didn't do that during the creation of the fraud case. Remember that the community alert is possible only once per case.

How to edit the fraud case?

  1. Go to the Fraud Case Browser APP
  2. Choose the "My Organization Fraud Cases" checkbox and click search
  3. Select specific fraud case
  4. Scroll down and click on the "edit" button, next to the "Fraud Case Details"
  5. Add your changes and click on the "save" button