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Release date Date and time when a concept, e.g. a data quality rule, is released, i.e. when the status changes to <code>RELEASED</code>. 2021-02-17
Feature Affected feature(s) Business Partner Lookup, Data Mirror Lookup
Idea portal Ideas that have been introduced with the release no idea entry directly linked with this release note

Significant Improvements on the Lookup Throughput

Upgrades and optimizations on our underlying indexing infrastructure allow us now for a much higher performance of our Business Partner Lookup. In batch mode >80 requests per second can now be handled easily. For any other CDQ Cloud Services that rely on connected data sources this will lead to much faster results (e.g. identifier or legal address enrichment). Please note that for data sources to which we connect directly via web interfaces such as VIES we are limited by the response times of the corresponding services. The improvements just have an impact on data sources which we manage in our own infrastructure.