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API/Referencedata API/Build Reference Data Reports
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Name Name of a concept, e.g. a data model concept. In contrast to terms, the name does not depend on a given context, e.g. a country-specific language. Build Reference Data Reports
Short description Informal and short human-readable definition of a concept. Requests the generation of reference data reports for a defined job result
Description Informal and comprehensive human-readable definition of a concept. missing
Technical key Defines a unique key by which e.g. data model concepts can be referenced in a technical integration context. These keys are unique in the CDL context. REFERENCE_DATA_API_POST_REFERENCEDATAREPORTS
API Referencedata API
Documentation 0#/rest/api-endpoints/analytics/build-reference-data-reports

Product features[edit]

Product FeatureShort Description 
Business Partner Lookup ReportsBusiness partner identification reports provide a consumable view on candidate matches or even augmented records found or generated for an input record using one of the lookup features in batch mode.