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Name Name of a concept, e.g. a data model concept. In contrast to terms, the name does not depend on a given context, e.g. a country-specific language. Data Curation API
Short description Informal and short human-readable definition of a concept. Services to curate and enrich business partner and address data.
Description Informal and comprehensive human-readable definition of a concept. Business partner data have to be correct e.g. invoicing, authority tax reporting, or compliance checks. It’s not possible to keep the best quality and updated database doing it manually. There are a lot of official data sources and some of them are restricted. Companies partners change their address, legal forms, etc., which cause many issues and make the keeping big business partner database of good quality almost impossible. The solution to this problem is to join the CDQ and use our Data Curation API. DC API has many options to enable quick, simple, or complex curation of your data. There is also a possibility to choose, which elements should be improved and harmonized for the defined purpose. The final result of the curation process is the report containing all information about business partner data inputs, execution status, and outputs.
Technical key Defines a unique key by which e.g. data model concepts can be referenced in a technical integration context. These keys are unique in the CDL context. API_DATA_CURATION
API Documentation
WSDL Download 0#/rest/guides/soap-reference
Invokes ML model(s) Does not invoke any ML model yet

API endpoints

This is just a selection of endpoints, most relevant ones from business perspective, without version information or other details. For a complete technical documentation of the endpoints, please go to the technical API documentation.

EndpointTechnical KeyDocumentation
Curate Business PartnerDATA_CURATION_API_POST_BUSINESSPARTNERS_CURATE 0#/rest/api-endpoints/business-partners/curate-business-partner
Generate Golden RecordDATA_CURATION_API_POST_BUSINESSPARTNERS_GOLDENRECORDS_GENERATE 0#/rest/api-endpoints/business-partners/generate-golden-record

API feature toggles

Feature flagTechnical KeyDocumentation
  • Allows to lookup in DVB datasource (e.g. during identifier enrichment).
  • Allows to lookup in DNB datasource (e.g. during identifier enrichment).
Detect industrial zoneDETECT_INDUSTRIAL_ZONE
  • Detects and moves industrial zone from address fields to the last thoroughfare of type industrial zone. This data is also added to District for the SAP format record. The Zone is detected during the precuration process from the administrative area, locality, thoroughfare and premise. This feature works only for few countries with special terms.
  • The cleansing process doesn’t perform industrial zone enrichment. If this information is not provided in input data, the outputs won’t contain it. Google or here curation can remove the information about the industrial zone, but there are implemented special rules, which keep that data and after the curation paste it to the last thoroughfare.
Enable fuzzy enrichmentENABLE_FUZZY_ENRICHMENTS
  • Enriches identifiers with search using identifiers, name local or international address data
Enable settingsENABLE_SETTINGS
  • Allows to use organisation settings. Each organization can choose which profile should be turned on, default features, weather the transliteration is enable, etc.
Enable unallowed name value validationENABLE_UNALLOWED_NAME_VALUE_VALIDATION
  • Validates input business partner names against unallowed patterns and returns Bad Request in case of invalid name match
  • Enriches the name and address of the business partner as it is provided in official data sources.
Enrich addressENRICH_ADDRESS
  • Enriches address information. Geo-codes, administrative areas, country name and code
  • Cleanse address using external data sources
  • Remove thoroughfare value and subthoroughfares when there are more than 3 locality lvls
Enrich address typeENRICH_ADDRESS_TYPE
  • Identifies the address type of a given address and enrich the legal address
  • Enriches administrative area shortname with ISO value using managed administrative areas.
  • Standardizes administrative area into target language
Enrich categoryENRICH_CATEGORY
  • Enrich a CDL community standardized business partner category for a given entity.
Enrich classificationsENRICH_CLASSIFICATIONS
  • Enriches classification field in businessPartner via lookup using identifiers
Enrich company statusENRICH_COMPANY_STATUS
  • Enriches status field in businessPartner via lookup using identifiers
Enrich geographic coordinatesENRICH_GEOGRAPHIC_COORDINATES
  • Enriches only geographic coordinates. When turned on with ENRICH_ADDRESS then if geographic coordinates were enriched during cleansing, then this element is not executed.
Enrich google places informationENRICH_GOOGLE_PLACES_INFORMATION
  • Enriches name local and legal address from Google Places via ReferenceData lookup
Enrich identifiresENRICH_IDENTIFIERS
  • Enriches identifiers using ReferenceData lookup via strict and/or fuzzy (on-demand, when ENABLE_FUZZY_ENRICHMENTS used).
  • Cross-links with external data sources and authorities, company as well as address identifiers
Enrich legal addressENRICH_LEGAL_ADDRESS
  • Enriches legalAddress field in businessPartner via lookup using identifiers
Enrich legal formENRICH_LEGAL_FORM
  • Identify and enriches the legal form of a company
  • Looks for legal form in name and sets it in the appropriate field
  • When HARMONIZE_NAME turned on: Normalizes name local by harmonizing its legal form.
Enrich minority indicatorENRICH_MINORITY_INDICATOR
  • Enriches minority indicator value from supplier gateway
Enrich post codeENRICH_POST_CODE
  • Enriches the post code based on a selection from identified reference addresses.
  • For some special cases such as France additional strategies are applied, e.g. to identify whether a post code is a CEDEX post code and use dedicated reference data for the city name and post office city.
Enrich post code typeENRICH_POST_CODE_TYPE
  • Sets type REGULAR to post code type if empty.
Enrich registered nameENRICH_REGISTERED_NAME
  • Enriches name of type registered name via lookup using identifiers
Extract address contextEXTRACT_ADDRESS_CONTEXT
  • Identifies and enriches address context
  • Moves name part after legal form to address context
Extract care ofEXTRACT_CARE_OF
  • Extracts care of from name and sets it in address.
  • Moves care of information from name local to careOf
  • Removes care of information from name international.
Extract doing business asEXTRACT_DOING_BUSINESS_AS
  • Extracts doing business as from name local and international and adds to names list.
  • Removes duplicates of DBAs
  • Trims spaces
Harmonize identifiersHARMONIZE_IDENTIFIERS
  • Normalizes identifiers by applying formatting rules
Harmonize nameHARMONIZE_NAME
  • Normalizes name local by harmonizing its legal form
Normalize addressNORMALIZE_ADDRESS
  • Capitalize locality, thoroughfare and premise
  • Normalize first level of the locality to CDQ standards
Normalize business partnerNORMALIZE_BUSINESS_PARTNER
  • Normalizes hyphens to `-` in identifiers
  • Removes redundant identifires
  • Removes all identifiers from the given set that do not have a valid identifier value
Parse addressPARSE_ADDRESS
  • Harmonize address data by parsing thoroughfare numbers, etc.
  • Tries to detect country if data invalid
  • Ensure that country shortname and value are set and existent
  • Extracts Postal Delivery Point value and number from PostCode
  • Removes or changes local elements in thoroughfare like esquina (spanish), mieszkania (polish), etc.
  • Extracts building number from thoroughfare
  • Identify and extract premise information, see also Premise Enrichment and Harmonization for details
  • Identifiy special patterns and extract accordingly such as
    • Ensure that kilometre patterns are identified and extracted
    • Detects and moves industrial zone from address fields to a premise of type industrial zone.
Parse legal formPARSE_LEGAL_FORM
  • Tries to detect a valid legalform from a businesspartner's localName with respect to its countrycode and writes the detected legalform to the 'legalForm' field in the businesspartner. If no valid legalform is found, the legalform field is untouched
Parse namesPARSE_NAMES
  • Removes parts from a given entity's name that are not part of the name.
  • Copies name international to local if local is empty
  • Normalizes name international to look like name local without accents and specific characters
  • Abbreviates names and sets calculated values to short names.
  • Detects and sets categories.
  • Removes or changes double spaces, special or local characters, etc.
Preprocess addressPREPROCESS_ADDRESS
  • Trims each field of the address
  • Removes prefix like (D, D-, DE, DE-) from post code
  • Removes hyphens which are between words and number in thoroughfare value
Preprocess business partnerPREPROCESS_BUSINESS_PARTNER
  • Prepare provided business partner data for further processing (i.e. trimming values).
Remove contact informationREMOVE_CONTACT_INFORMATION
  • Removes contact information from names
Remove invalid identifiersREMOVE_INVALID_IDENTIFIERS
  • Validates Business partner identifier according to specific rules
Show debug infoSHOW_DEBUG_INFO
  • returns a debug info
  • Returns records in an unified way to a SAP standard format
Show formatted addressSHOW_FORMATTED_ADDRESS
  • Format address in an unified way (without nested data)
Show settingsSHOW_SETTINGS
  • returns a list of all turned on curation settings
Translate addressTRANSLATE_ADDRESS
  • Translates locality and administrative area. Works only when country is selected
Translate namesTRANSLATE_NAMES
  • Translates name international when contains any non-latin characters. Cyryllic is transliterated.
Use address index KRUSE_ADDRESS_INDEX_KR
  • Uses South Korean address index for enrichment. Valid only for KR

Use cases

Use caseShort Description
Address CleansingExamples of how to use several address cleansing features.
Business Partner Data Maintenance WorkflowSequence of data maintenance steps for a single business partner data record.
Business Partner Data Maintenance Workflow (Lean Update)Sequence of data maintenance steps for updating a single business partner data record in the context of a workflow in a local system such as SAP.
Know Your Business Partner - Compliance and Risk ChecksPerform compliance checks as provided by CDQ Cloud Services e.g. during data maintenance or subsequent workflows